Field Mechanical
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From turn-key assembly of new equipment, to difficult repairs of  complex and precision machinery, Prime Machine's Millwrights have the skills and experience necessary to accomplish the task.
They have been trained in heavy and large part handling, installation,  alignment, diagnosis, and repair.
Installation of CNC horizontal milling machine.
Prime Machine has been an industry leader in on-site problem diagnosis and repairs. Whether machining new parts is required, or build up and repair of the existing pieces is needed, our Experienced field technicians can find the solution.
Some of the services we often perform in the field include:
· Laser Alignment.
· Line Boring.
· Journal Turning.
· Key Seating.
· Flange Facing.
· Vibration Analysis and Balancing.
· Metalizing.
· Machining Services.
· Certified Welding.
· Pump Restoration.
· Predictive Maintenance.
· Consulting and Failure Analysis.
· Emergency Shutdown Support.
Setting up portable Lathe to machine 20' shell section on-site.
Innovative approaches to difficult problems is second nature to our experienced field technicians.
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