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A key factor in the efficiency and life expectancy of mechanical systems, is the amount of stresses the equipment is subject to. The designed load on a piece of equipment  can be anticipated and compensated for in design. However, an often overlooked cause of stress is misalignment between components.
Aligning motor and gear-box
These stresses can cause vibration, excess wear on coupled components, increased friction and power consumption. It most certainly shortens the usable lifespan of the equipment, and often leads to catastrophic failure.
Often times there is a need to align much more than just rotating assemblies. Frame sections, bases, tooling assemblies, etc.
The portable CMM, or "Laser Tracker" is  the latest in 3-d measurement systems. It can align any combination of pieces to a datum reference, or to each other. The speed and accuracy of the data collection is far beyond that of  conventional optics or theodalite technology. When you want the best in measurement services, call Prime Machine
Turbine diaphragm after vibration loosened blades which then destroyed the unit.
Alignment of machine base to <.001 in 30'
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