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Often there are issues with vibration, stress, or life expectancy of machinery that relate directly to the balancing of rotating equipment.
Prime Machine has the capability to detect, monitor, and correct these issues, both in-house and on-site.
Balancing large motor element.
Balance is an especially sensitive issue in high-speed or precision equipment. It affects production rate and quality of product, as well as the lifespan of the equipment..
Turbine balance in progress
Preparing to Balance high-speed turbine rotor.
It has been documented by many large processing and production industries, that the money saved by longer equipment life and lowered maintenance costs, can drastically increase profits, product quality and customer satisfaction. Prime Machine also has a full condition monitoring program, that can be custom tailored to your facility. See our Predictive Maintenance Page.
Our custom built Balance Stand is designed so that it can be mounted to standard gauge railroad tracks. This gives our stand a very solid, ridged and safe foundation for the balancing of very large rotors, up to 300,000lbs and almost twenty (20) feet in diameter.
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