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STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION Prime Machines mission is to keep the industrial world productive. Prime offers a world class facility with integrated engineering, machine shop, fabrication and weld shop, and millwright services. Design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance are all services we provide.
Machined Contour Mold
Prime Machine, was organized as a Utah Corporation in 1979. The goals of our business are like those of many other businesses, "shorten our delivery time, enhance the quality and reduce costs." gains.
Two main keys to our success in these goals are better training of the direct labor force and the application of available technology. It takes people and technology to boost productivity
Our services will help our customers maximize machinery use and reliability, increase production output, improve process and final product quality, reduce operating costs and capital expenditure, enhance worker safety, and reduce energy consumption.

Prime Machine has the skilled craftsmen and the right tools to do the job. Mechanical equipment will eventually require service and Prime Machine is the company that combines high tech with large and heavy capabilities to provide those services.
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