Product Improvement
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Products  have improved greatly with technology. This is a trend that will continue as technology advances. Allot of product improvement is applying existing technologies to an ever greater number of applications.
Reverse engineered centrifugal compressor hub
Condition analysis using Laser Tracker
Prime Machine is known for finding innovative solutions to problems, and needs that arise in industry. There are an ever increasing  pool of recourses that are available to help our customers satisfy their needs, and we will continue to be on the cutting edge of product and equipment enhancements.
Let us help you increase your equipment efficiency, raise your production rate and lengthen your equipment life, even salvage equipment that has sustained catastrophic failures. 
If there's an answer that can increase your product quality, decrease your maintenance costs, raise your profit level, or even just make your job easier, it is certainly worth perusing.
Let Prime Machine put our experience to work for you!
CAD model of outdated / destroyed turbine diaphragm, reverse engineered and replicated at Prime 
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