Heat Treat / Stress Relieve
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Both fabrication and machining processes will alter the inherent internal stress that is present in all materials. In order to hold tighter tolerances, maximize material strength and stability, more often than not the part will need to be annealed or stress relieved.
Pre-heat of weldment to reduce stresses
in the fabrication process.
Pre-heat, post-heat, anneal, and stress-relieve. These vital steps often is overlooked in design / build procedure outlines. The larger the size of the part in relation to the Finnish tolerances, the more critical this step becomes.
Prime Machine has in-house procedures and stress-relieve ovens to make sure that your parts get the quality attention they need.
Honeywell oven controller assures correct ramp and soak times and temperatures for heat-treating, stress-relieving, or annealing any material.
If adequate stress' remains in the part, it can cause structural failures, progressive part distortion, or cause material movement during the machining process, that results in dimensional in-accuracies.
Often, if stress-relieving is not performed, parts will relieve during the machining process to the point of scrap, by physically moving beyond the machining tolerances.
Our 24' diameter oven has 10' height capacity
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