Reverse Engineering
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With the combining of Unigraphics CAD software and Portable CMM technology, it is now possible to "digitize" actual parts into the virtual CAD environment, manipulate, alter, or analyze them, then output the information to CNC machining  equipment, and produce an actual part again.
This Turbine blade is nearly destroyed. Replacements are necessary, but no longer available. The complex shape and curves would be extremely difficult and time consuming to reproduce by conventional methods.
The answer is to "digitize" the part into  CAD format where it can be analyzed, documented, assembled, and even altered "virtually" if needed.
Then output the digital information to the CNC machining center and produce a perfect replica automatically, accurately and repeatably.
The result is a brand new part that can be mass produced, if needed, by modern manufacturing techniques, in a fraction of the time that it took to make it manually when it was first manufactured.
(Click here for a 3-d model example.(Your browser must support VRML))
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