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Unigraphics is a fully integrated 3D CAD/CAM/CAE package where complete assembles can be built. This allows for design problems to be discovered and corrected "virtually" before ever going to proto-type or production. This saves vast amounts of time as well as the cost of proto-type analysis. From these CAD files a "G code" program can be generated to manufacture the parts on our CNC equipment
Reverse engineered model of turbine diaphragm for manufacture of no longer available part.
You can send us part files in Unigraphics, AutoCAD, IGES, Parasolid, or SolidWorks formats and we will be able to work directly from your design.  Unigraphics offers "translators" for compatibility with most major CAD packages.You can send your part files by e-mail or snail mail.


3-d assembly model of ball rollers
Unigraphics can be used in conjunction with our portable CMM technology to reverse engineer or "digitize" and existing part. This then allows for virtual design changes and analysis within the Unigraphics framework. This information can then be translated to most CAD formats. You send the part, you get back a 3-d digital model ! (Click here for an example.(Your browser must support VRML))
CNC machining ball rollers
* Auto- Cad is also utilized for 2-d integration with 3-d solids modeling.
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